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Stream Monitoring

Michigan’s streams number over 4,000 and cover approximately 35,000 miles. Two watersheds cover Missaukee County: Upper Manistee River and Upper-Central Muskegon River Watersheds. ​Long-term monitoring of water quality provides data needed to recognize the status and trends of a stream’s water quality and habitat quality.




Monitoring the benthic macroinvertebrate population of a stream is a quick and easy process. ​ The data will not necessarily identify specific water quality problems, but it can identify if a problem exists. Monitoring stream habitat as well as road/stream crossings will help to identify some of the specific problems that cause the macroinvertebrate populations to decline, such as bank erosion, flashy water flow, and degraded riparian zones.


The Missaukee Conservation District partners with the Michigan Clean Water Corps (MiCorps) to monitor streams in Missaukee County. MiCorps offers programs all over the state to monitor not only streams but inland lakes as well. Visit to to learn more about their programs.


For local information, contact 231.839.7193 to volunteer with steam monitoring.


Dragonfly Life Cycle showing life in water and air
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