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Fishing Line Recycling

A project established in 2020 with Eagle Scout, Grant Beck, and AmeriCorps member, Nick Thiesen installed bins at boat launches on Lake Missaukee at the Lagoon, City docks and Green Road boat launch; Sapphire Lake, and Crooked Lake. 


These recycling bins are emptied every two weeks from Memorial Day through October and monthly for the rest of the year. Once enough line is collected, it will be sent to the Berkley Conservation Institute to be melted down and repurposed into fishing tackle boxes, fish habitats, and fishing line spools.


This project would not have been possible without the help of Grant Beck. He used this as an opportunity to complete his final Eagle Scout Project, fundraising to buy materials for the bins and then organizing his troop to assemble and install the bins once they were built. 

Locations of Missaukee County Fishing Line Recycling Bins

  • Lake Missaukee

Missaukee Lake Park Boat Launch

1819-1775 S. Green Rd, Lake City

Lake Township

City of Lake City Docks

Downtown Lake City

Missaukee County Park Lagoon and Boat Launch

315 Park Street, Lake City

Lake Township


  • Sapphire Lake

​Lake Sapphire Boat Launch

Lake Township


  • Crooked Lake

Crooked Lake Boat Launch

From Cadillac, take M-55 east 5 miles to LaChance Road, then north 5 miles to Beeler Road (County Park sign), then east 1 mile to park.

Lake Township


Frequently Asked Questions

How is monofilament recycled?

The monofilament is collected from recycling bins and cleaned of hooks, leaders, weights, and trash by volunteers. It is then shipped to the Berkley Pure Fishing company in Iowa. Berkley melts the line down into raw plastic pellets that can be made into other plastic products including tackle boxes, spools for line, fish habitats, and toys. It is not made into more monofilament line.

How do I recycle my monofilament?

You can deposit it in an outdoor monofilament recycling container at any of the 5 sites mapped above.

Can all fishing line be recycled?

No, only fishing line that is a single filament, nylon product may be recycled (such as monofilament and fluorocarbon). Fishing line that is braided or contains wire cannot be recycled. Fishing line that has a lot of growth on it or plant material mixed up with it may not be recycled as well. Cut this fishing line up in small pieces (less than 12 inches) and place in a covered trash bin to make sure the line is disposed of properly.

Who does the recycling?

Berkley Conservation Institute developed to support conservation and angler recruitment efforts. They work and collaborate with a variety of organizations to enhance populations of sport fish and to introduce the next generation to angling.

Where do you send the fishing line?

Pure Fishing America (Berkley), 1900 18th Street, Spirit Lake, IA 51360-1041

I always throw my line in the trash. Is that ok?

If you throw out fishing line make sure the trash receptacle has a lid and be sure to cut the line into short lengths (6 to 12 inches). Once line goes to a landfill, longer pieces may be scavenged by animals trying to eat it or build nests out of it. Animals may become entangled, entangle their young, or will bring the line right back out into the environment.

Can I put fishing line in my recycling bin at home?

No. Fishing line is a high density plastic and requires a special recycling process. If you spool line at home, save it up in a box or bag and bring it to a drop off location or the conservation district office.

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