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A volunteer organization with a focus on supporting and assisting the

Missaukee Conservation District. 

About Us

Developed in Spring of 2023, the Friends of the Missaukee Conservation District is a volunteer organization that works to inform county residents of the conservation district’s services, resources, and needs. We are dedicated to encouraging community and volunteer participation in activities that are aimed to raise funds for district projects and improve recreational opportunities in Missaukee County. Our mission is to provide support to extend and improve district services and resources.

We are still in the early stages of developing and could use your help in growing the organization. Help us help the conservation district, the Missaukee County community and environment by becoming a friend today. 

Upcoming Friends of MCD Meeting Dates

We invite you to become a Friend of the Missaukee Conservation District! Attend one of our meetings to see what we are all about. Upcoming meetings - all are welcome:

July 19th - 2pm - Missaukee Nature Trail

August 16th - 2pm - Missaukee Mountain

September 20th - 2pm - Maple Grove Campground Disc Golf

October 18th - 2pm - Crooked Lake Campground

November 22nd - 2pm - TBD

December 20th - 2pm - TBD

Meetings are held at a different spot each month with the goal of highlighting the wonderful recreation opportunities we have available to us in Missaukee County. Visit our Facebook page or send us an email to learn of the new exciting location we will be at each month. We encourage anyone who may be interested to attend a meeting. 

What We Do


Inform Missaukee county residents of the Conservation District's services, resources, and needs. Be an advocate for the conservation district. 

School Garden


Encourage community and volunteer participation in activities. Work with community leaders to inform them on the value that the conservation district has within the community. 



Support the conservation district through various activities, millages, and other fund raising events. Provide support to extend and improve the conservation district's services and resources. 

Young people collecting garbage


Volunteer within the community to help promote the conservation district. Assist in planning and participating in fund raising and educational events.


Cleaning the Beach


Improve recreational opportunities in Missaukee County through the conservation district's Jamieson Land. Play a part in improving and offering ideas on how to better the land. 

Mail Boxes


PO Box 922 

Lake City, MI 49651

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