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Soil Sample Cost Share

This soil sampling cost-share program is available to any Missaukee county landowner that would like to know and understand the makeup of their soil. Farmers, gardeners, and landowners can take  advantage of this incentive. Governmental entities are not eligible for this program. 

How does this work? Take a soil sample, bring the soil test results and  receipt to the Missaukee Conservation District where you will be  partially reimbursed for the testing costs.

The Missaukee Conservation District will cost-share 50% of the cost of each test not to exceed $100 per Missaukee County household per calendar year. This will be done on a first-come first-serve basis and  will continue until funds are depleted. The cost share program is made possible by the 2018 Missaukee Conservation District millage.

Why Test Your Soil? 

  • Choose the correct fertilizers 

  • Give your plants what they really need 

  • Helps avoid excessive fertilizer use 

  • Saves money 

  • Protects the environment 

  • Prevents damage to the plant 

  • Improves crop yield and plant growth 

What You Need to do to Participate 

  1. Obtain soil testing materials. Missaukee Conservation District has a soil probe to loan out.  

  2. Take the samples and send them out for testing.

  3. Bring a copy of your receipt and test results to the Missaukee Conservation District.

  4. Get reimbursed for a portion of your testing costs.

Where Do I Submit My Soil Sample?

Prices subject to change. Please verify with business to verify.

Ceres Solutions

          260 East Prosper Road, Falmouth MI 49632  or

          101 Pine Street, McBain, MI, 49657

          231.826.3301 or 231.825.2483 

          Basic Test…...$15 per sample 

McBain Grain 

       111 W. Maple Street, McBain, MI, 49657 


       Basic Test…...$7.50 + $2.50 shipping per sample. Add $6.80 for micronutrients. 

Download this form for instructions on how to take a soil sample and for more information.

If interested or you have questions, call 231.839.7193 or by e-mail at

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