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Small Lot Timber Sales

Owners of small lots of timber to harvest are often unable to market what is considered uneconomical by most loggers.  The Wexford and Missaukee Conservation Districts would like to make these woodlots visible to loggers that may be logging in the nearby area and would be able to harvest these woodlots at the same time. ​

Woodlots are listed by county and township and acreage with a general location noted on a map of the county.  Also listed is the timber type with a brief statement of what the landowner wishes to be harvested. As a logger or timber buyer, if you are interested in harvesting a particular small woodlot, email Larry at and make reference to the referral number and he will contact the landowner who will contact you.

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Missaukee 6-25-20.JPG
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KC Timber Map.jpg
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