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Recycling in Missaukee County started in the 1970s, its creation was piloted by the local Kiwanis Club members. Over the decades the facilities expanded from a few semis to the buildings and storage containers you see today. In addition to an anonymous donation for the construction of a building, a large contribution to its expansion were grants from USDA obtained by Missaukee Conservation District to run recycling for 10 years in the county, in addition to multiple state and local grants. In 2020, a millage was passed to sustain the recycling center. In 2021, Missaukee County assumed management of the Recycling Center. 

Missaukee Conservation District appreciates the role it had in expanding and enhancing recycling in Missaukee County. It's been a pleasure serving our community in this capacity.


For information about the Missaukee County Recycling Center visit Missaukee County Recycling.

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The center is no longer managed by Missaukee Conservation District.


Please direct any questions to

Emrick Crosby, Recycling Center Manager, 231.433.9953,

or Elizabeth Vogel, County Administrator, 231.577.6061,

or call  Dean Smallegan, County Commissioner Chair,  231.920.5439.

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