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Permit Exemptions For

Expanding your farm facility?

Barn building is considered a construction project and is not exempt from soil erosion permit requirements.

Farms are required to hold a Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control (Part 91) permit for any construction activity greater than 1 acre or within 500 feet of a stream, river or lake.

These include:

  • Barn construction

  • Silage pad/Leachate containment construction

  • Agrichemical handling facilities

  • Buildings for livestock, dry feed or equipment

  • Driveways and parking areas

  • Manure pits

Agricultural Exemptions 

Permits are not required for the following agricultural activities if the earth change does not result in soil erosion or sedimentation to waters of the state and does not result in an off-site discharge:

  • Cropping and tilling

  • Fences (construction, maintenance or removal of fences and fence lines)

  • Removal of trees/shrub stumps or roots

  • Drainage tiling, irrigation or electrical line installation

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