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Missaukee Nature Trail is now managed by Missaukee County. 

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The Missaukee Conservation District is transferring ownership of the Nature Trails we built at the Human Resources Building (Health Department) on Sanborn Road and maintained for over 18 years over to the County. As we pass the baton, we are confident that this resource will continue to have a positive impact on the community that we love.


Missaukee Nature Trail

Missaukee Nature Trail was established by Missaukee Conservation District in 2005 and continually enhanced through 2023. Missaukee CD has moved its offices to 101 S. Main Street, downtown Lake City, and will now focus our efforts on the Jamieson Land donated to us in 2021.

Explore 14 acres of county land along a stacked loop trail. Completing the two larger loops equals 1 mile, with the loop around the offices equaling 1/3 of a mile. Start at the Trailhead in the northeast corner of the parking lot to see the latest news and pick up any trail activities available. 


Features: A picnic table under a shelter, multiple benches throughout the trail to rest and relax. Native gardens can be explored near the office building, with flower guides seasonally available at the Trail heads.

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