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Opuntia humifusa

Flower Color: Yellow

Flower Time: July

Sun: Full sun 

Size: 1'

Moisture: dry

Notes: thorny


Photo Credit: USDA - Flower close up. Red center form. © 2011 David Taylor.

Photo Credit: USDA - Looking down on green fruits. Note glochids and true leaves around top. © 2011 David Taylor.

Photo Credit: USDA - View of a clump with flowers. Note spines. © 2011 David Taylor.

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Prickly Pear

  • * Native Plants are to be picked up on Friday, June 7th between Noon - 5pm at the Missaukee Conservation District Office in downtown Lake City. 101 S. Main Street, Lake City, MI 49651. Please call with questions 231-839-7193.

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