Other Permitting Agencies

Missaukee County Building Department

Interim Building Inspector: Tony Gagliardo through July 2, Monday and Wednesday

Online information for permits for :

  • Residential, stick-built construction

  • Industrial/commercial construction

  • Storage/pole building/garage stick built construction

  • Setting a mobile/modular home

  • Demolition

  • Issue Temporary Certificate of Occupancy and/or Certificate of Occupancy

  • Electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits

Schedule an inspection 231.839.7839 ext. 306
Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Driveway Permit

Issued through Missaukee County Road Commission

Go to the link, call 231.839.4361 or contact susan@mcrc-roads.com

Land Use Permit
For construction within the city limits of Lake City and McBain. Issued through each city’s zoning administrator.


Lake City: Bruce Sparks, 231.884.0653

McBain Zoning Administrator, Chase Barber, 231.825.2000

Soil Erosion and Sediment Control

Issued through Missaukee Conservation District for all earth disturbances:

  • within 500 feet of a (river, stream, creek, lake) OR

  • greater than 1 acre of land, regardless of the distance to water

Missaukee Conservation District
6180 W. Sanborn Road, Lake City, MI 49651

Well and Septic Permits

Issued through District Health Department #10


District Health Department #10
6180 W. Sanborn Road, Lake City, MI 49651