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Dry Woods

Forestry Workshops

Contact Forester Larry Czelusta at or 231.775.7681 ext 3 to sign up.


Tour of Cadillac Co-generation Plant

April 5th 11 AM at 1525 Miltner Street, Cadillac

The Cadillac Co- generation produces electrical power for the Michigan power grid. This is a valuable outlet in the forest products market. It consumes much of the low-quality wood, especially wood from abandoned Christmas farms, and allows conversions to forest plantations without oppressive site preparation costs. This tour is free of charge. Pre-registration is required by March 31.

Hardwood Marking for Landowners

May 6, 9 am to 1 pm at the Dymek Property near Rhoby Road and M-66, Lake City.

This hands-on, outdoor workshop is designed for landowners of small woodlots of northern hardwoods It will instruct how to selectively mark their own hardwoods for a harvest. The goal is to teach how to select trees to remove with an emphasis to improve the quality of the remaining stand; to thin the stand to improve growth and still maintain diversity and good minimum density. Other topics will include how to retain and manage important wildlife habitat components such as rare and sensitive habitats and species, mast trees, cavity trees, and coarse woody debris. Density measuring devices will be given to workshop registrants. This workshop will only teach tree selection and will not teach volume estimation and appraisal. Pre-registration is required by April 21. Snacks and lunch will be provided. Bringing a clipboard is recommended. Cost is $30 per person.  

How Deer Browse Affects Forest Management

June 26 at Mark Beem property, south of Lake City

The average forest landowner does not fully comprehend how deer browse is reducing natural regeneration until the deer are removed. Mark Beem has used wildland fencing to exclude deer on a recently logged area. This tour will examine the difference between deer allowed and deer excluded regeneration. Pre-registration is required by June 16. There is a $10 fee for this workshop.

Tree Farm Field Day

September 16, 9 am at Dan Ferris Tree Farm (south of Cadillac)

The Ferris family have enjoyed years of work and play in their forested property as out of state landowners. Come see and listen to what a typical forest landowner can do with a typical Michigan forest property.  Multiple generations of the Ferris family would like to share their enthusiasm of owning forestland. Lunch will be provided by the American Tree Farm System. Pre-registration is required by September 15. There is no cost. 

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