2022 Forestry Workshops

Forestry Carbon Credits – Are they good for you?

Friday, February 25, 3-5 pm Cadillac Area

A forest landowner usually only gets financial benefit when trees are harvested. Forestry Carbon Credits offer landowners a chance to be paid for trees while they are still growing. This workshop will introduce the concept of forestry carbon credits. It will help landowners decide if carbon credits are right for them and their property, as well as introduce several, very different, carbon credit companies. Contact Forester Larry Czelusta at larry.czelusta@macd.org or 231.775.7681 ext 3.  There is a $10 fee for this workshop.

Learning More About Your Property Through Open-Source Websites 

Monday, March 21, Location to be determined. (Cadillac or Garfield Twp.)

The digital world we live in gives a forest landowner many sources of digital information of an individual property.  From different types of satellite imagery to soil mapping and even wetland restrictions can all be found from open-source websites at no charge. This workshop will give landowners tools to understand more about the land they own. Contact Forester Larry Czelusta at larry.czelusta@macd.org or 231.775.7681 ext. 3. There is a $10 cost for this workshop. Participants are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet with Wi-Fi capability.

Managing Small Pine Plantations

Saturday, May 21, 10-11:30 am, in the Manton area.

Decades ago, red pines were planted throughout the countryside in small acreages, often at field edges. Many of those plantations are overdue for thinning and other active management. This workshop will explain the dilemma facing these plantations as well as discuss possible solutions. This is a must workshop if you own a small pine plantation. Contact Forester Larry Czelusta at larry.czelusta@macd.org or 231.775.7681 ext. 3. There is a $10 fee for this workshop.

Managing for Diversity in your Northern Hardwood Forest

Tuesday, June 7 - 10:00-11:30 am in Lake City area

The northern hardwood forest has lost its American Elm, White Ash, and is presently losing American Beech. Many see Paper Birch, Black Cherries and Red Oak dying. What is happening to our forests and what can we do to help this valuable part of our natural surroundings. This field workshop will discuss what is causing these changes, and ways to help this forest, including what and where to plant various tree seedlings. Contact Forester Larry Czelusta at larry.czelusta@ macd.org or 231.775.7681 ext. 3. There is no cost.

Hardwood Marking for Landowners – Saturday, September 24, 9 am to 1 pm; in Kalkaska area  (exact directions will be given to registrants). 

This hands-on, outdoor workshop is designed for landowners of small woodlots of northern hardwoods It will instruct how to selectively mark their own hardwoods for a harvest.  The goal is to teach how to select trees to remove with an emphasis to improve the quality of the remaining stand; to thin the stand to improve growth and still maintain diversity and good minimum density. Other topics will include how to retain and manage important wildlife habitat components such as rare and sensitive habitats and species, mast trees, cavity trees, and coarse woody debris.  Density measuring devices will be given to workshop registrants. This workshop will only teach tree selection and will not teach volume estimation and appraisal.  Preregistration is required. Snack and lunch will be provided according to COVID precautions. Bringing a clipboard is recommended. Please pre-register by September 16.   Cost is $30 per person.  Contact Forester Larry Czelusta at larry.czelusta@macd.org or 231.775.7681 ext. 3